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TICA Resource Guide: Company Profiles

Company Name: CB&I (TICA Founding Member)
Address: 2103 Research Forest Drive
City, State, Code, Country: The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA
Contact Name, Title: Kyle Carr, Business Development Manager
Telephone: 1-832-513-1158
Facsimile: 1-832-513-2512
Corporate TIC Capabilities, Products, or Services: CB&I is the most complete energy infrastructure focused company in the world. With 125 years of experience and the expertise of approximately 42,000 employees, CB&I provides reliable solutions while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and an uncompromising standard of quality. CB&I has long been a leader in supplying Thermal Energy Storage systems, often employed in chiller-based TIC to both minimize net capital cost and maximize net power output during on-peak periods. CB&I provides a wide range of services: design, engineering, construction, fabrication, maintenance and environmental services. Our timely and cost-effective solutions satisfy our worldwide customers’ needs.


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