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TICA Resource Guide: Company Profiles

Company Name: GEA Refrigeration North America. (TICA Founding Member)
Address: 3475 Board Road
City, State, Code, Country: York, Pennsylvania 17402 USA
Contact Name, Title: Todd Kennedy, Process Systems Sales Manager
Telephone: 1-717-767-6411
Facsimile: 1-717-764-3627
Corporate TIC Capabilities, Products, or Services: FES Systems Inc. provides chilling equipment for the mechanical pre-cooling of turbine inlet air. Air chilling can be provided using chilled water or anti-freeze fluids, or direct refrigerant in coils. Components manufactured at FES Systems Inc. include rotary screw compressors, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, plate-and-frame heat exchangers, vessels and controls. Drives can be electric motor, gas engine, or steam turbine depending on customer requirements, and refrigerants range from halocarbons to natural refrigerants such as ammonia and hydrocarbons. Equipment can be furnished as individual components for field assembly and installation. For those applications requiring complete factory packaged chiller systems, FES Systems Inc. offers screw compressors and heat exchangers through a partnership with Turbine Air Systems.


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