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Membership in Turbine Inlet Cooling Association

TICA membership is open to a broad spectrum of organizations and individuals who play a role in the power generation industry. A brief prospectus on the benefits of joining TICA is available for your perusal. Our dues structure reflects the different levels of value which TICA believes different organizations will receive through their membership.

Membership Classifications and Annual Memebrship Dues:

  • GT Owner-Commercial /Industrial (Complimentary):IPPs, Industrial Cogen Plants, Utilities and Commercial Cogeneration Plants.
  • GT Owner-Non-Profit Organizations (Complimentary): Schools, Hospitals and Universities with GTs
  • GT OEM ($2,450) - Manufacturer of Gas Turbines.
  • TIC OEM/Contractor ($2,450) - Suppliers of TIC Equipment Packages and/or TIC Turnkey Installation Contractors
  • GT EPC Contractor ($2,450) - Engineering Companies, Construction Contractors, or EPC Contractors who design or build GT Power Plants.
  • Component Supplier to OEM ($2,450) - Component suppliers to either TIC Contractors or GT OEMs. Examples include: Filter House Mfgrs, Coil Mfgrs, Chiller Manufacturers, Evaporative Media Suppliers, Cooling Tower Mfgrs, Wet Surface Air Condensers, etc.
  • Consultant with 5 or less people ($315) - Consultants to GT Owners & Developers.
  • Consultants with 6 or more people ($630) - Consultants to GT Owners & Developers.
  • Student ($150) - from any Education Institution
  • Qualified Non-Profit Organization ($150) - Education or Research Institutions and other non-profit organizations who do not own GT-based power plants.
  • Qualified Association (Reciprocal Zero Net Cost) - Qualified associations that have some of the same goals as those of TICA can become members of TICA by providing membership to TICA in their associations at "zero net cost" to the cognizant organizations.
  • Qualified Government Organizations (Complimentary) - Government and Regulatory Agencies, who do not own GT-based power plants but provide an advisory or regulatory function to the Power Industry.

The benefits of joining TICA are available for your perusal: Suppliers and Users.

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