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Membership in Turbine Inlet Cooling Association


Please fill out this electronic form and print a copy before clicking "Submit" to send in with your payment. Then, click "Submit" to forward your information to our membership committee right away. Mail a check (payable to TICA) for the appropriate membership class amount, along with the printed copy of the form, to:

Turbine Inlet Cooling Association
427 Prairie Knoll Dr., Suite 102All membership dues are good
Naperville, IL 60565

Note: All membership dues are good for 12 months,irrespctive of the month when a member joins TICA.

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GT-Owner - Comm/Indust (Complimentary)
GT-Owner - Non-Profit Organizations (Complimentary)
GT OEM ($2450)
TIC OEM/Contractor ($2,450)
GT EPC Contractor ($2,450)
Component Supplier to OEM ($2,450)
Consultant with 5 or less people ($315)
Consultant with 6 or more people ($630)
Student ($150)
Qualified Non-Profit Organization that do not own GT systems($150)
Qualified Association (Reciprocal Zero Net Cost)
Qualified Government Organization (Complimentary)

Committees of Interest Bylaws
Information Development
Legislation and Regulatory Development
Technical & Performance

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