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Users' Forum

This section of the Website contains some information of interest to the current and potential owners and operators of TIC systems:

  • Link to an online forum for CT user members of TICA to interact with other CT user members about TIC. The suppliers of TIC technologies and services do not have access to this forum. CT user members will require ID and password to access this forum.
  • Links to information on combustion turbines (CTs) of various OEM products
  • Links to information on the performance of CTs
  • Links to information on various CT user groups

Links to Information on CTs of Various OEM Products

GE Power Systems

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Systems

MAN Turbomachinery

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Pratt & Whitney


Siemens Gas Turbines

Solar Turbines

Links to Information on the Performance of CTs

GE Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics

Links to Information on Various CT User Groups

Consolidated List of All CT User Groups

501D Users Group

501F Users Group

501G Users Group

Alstom GT24 Users Group

Alstom GT11N Users Group

Alstom GT11N2 Users Group

Combined Cycle Users Group


GE 7FA Users Group

GE 7FA Users Group

GE 7EA Users Group

GE Frame 5 Users Group

GE LM6000 Users Group

GE LM2500 Users Group

GE 6B Users Group

MHI 501G6B Users Group

Pratt & Whitney FT-8 Users Group

Pratt & Whitney FT 4 Users Group

Rolls-Royce Trent Users Group

Rolls-Royce Avon Users Group

Rolls-Royce RB211 Users Group

Solar Turbines Users Group

Western Turbine Users Inc.

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