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Recent News

• TICA Submitted a Suggestion to the California Energy Commimssion to Slash the Cost for California Strategic Electricity Reserve. More details.

• 2022 Annual Midwest Cogeneration Association's Annual Conference, "Exploring Energy Decarbonization and Resiliency Solutions for Your Business and Organization," in Chicago, IL, on September 19-21. More details.

• CHP Allaince's 2022 National Summit on Combined Heat and Power, in Washington, DC on November 2-3. More details

• New ASHRAE Design Guide for Combustion Turbine Inlet Cooling is now available at the ASHRAE Bookstore. More details and link.

• "Turbine inlet cooling: First step on the pathway to net zero emissions," an Article Published in the May 2022 Issue of the Combined Cycle Journal. A copy of the article is available.

• 20i22 White Paper: Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) Aging Gracefully. More Information

• "Turbine Inlet Cooling Technologies, their Benefits for Cogeneration/CHP, and a Case Study" a Webinar presented on November 18, 2021 by Dharam Punwani (President, Avalon Consulting, Inc.) and Featured a Case Study by Brian Vokal (Senior Vice President, Midland Cogeneration Venture). More Information

• Combined Heat and Power Alliance's Virtual Conference, "The National Summit on Combined Heat and Power," September 13-15, 2021. More Information

 • Midwest Cogeneration Association's Virtual Conference, "Strategizing For Our Energy Future,"August 10-12, 2021.Agenda and Regsitration

• John Andrepont (President, The Cool Solutions Company), one of the TICA founding and current directors, has been honored with the ASHRAE "Distinguished Service Award." More Information

• Salt River Project (SRP) Joins TICA. It has been operating electric power generation stations in Phoenix, AZ since 1903. More Information

• A recent independent market study for Annual Global Market for Turbine Inet Cooling will grow from $508.9 million in 2019 to $623 million in 2025. More Information

• TICA Member, Combined Heat and Power Alliance (CHPA), has Scheduled a Webinar, "Combined Heat and Power and a Changing Climate: Reducing Emissions and Improving Resilience," on January 14 (Thursday), 2021 at 2 PM - 3 PM EST. More Information

• TICA Elects Officers and Directors for 2021-2022. The elected officials are representatives from Baltimore Aircoil Company, Caldwell Energy, Danfoss, Johnson Controls Inc., Munters Corporation, Patricia Graef Consulting, and Victory Turbine. More Information

• TICA Cosigned the letter sent by the Combined Heat and Power Alliance (CHPA) .o the Maryland PSC for supporting the EmPOWER Energy Efficiency Programs. More information

• Utility-Scale U.S. Electric Power Generation Capacity Drops by Over 38,600 MW During Summer When Power is in Most Demand. Turbine Inlet Cooling Can Boost Capacity and Reduce Carbon and Other Emissions During Hot Weather. More information

• Analyses of the TICA Members' Experience Database are now available. It shows the number of installations of 125 models of combustion turbines of 21 combustion turbine OEMs. More Information: Summary and Details (available only after member's login)

• Turbine Inlet Cooling Article, "How turbine inlet cooling can sync with changing load profiles of gas turbines," Published in Turbomachinery International on September 14, 2019 . More Information

• TICA Response to the Ambient Temperature Article in the July/August 2019 Issue of Turbomachinery International. More Information

• The International District Energy Association (IDEA) at its conference (June 24-26) in Pittsburgh honored John Andrepont (TICA Director, founding member and past chairman) with the prestigious 2019 Norm Taylor Award, also known as IDEA's Person of the Year Award. More Information

• The Turbine Inlet Cooling Association (TICA) is pleased to announce that it presented two Excellence Awards for implementing turbine inlet cooling (TIC) at the 2019 Western Turbine Users Inc (WTUI) Conference held on March 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV. More Information

• Kingburg Cogen (Kingsburg, CA), a Southern Generation Company, Joins TICA. More Information

• ASHRAE honored TICA Treasurer, Pat Graef, with its "Distinguished Public Service Award" at the ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on January 13, 2019. More Information

• ASHRAE honored TICA Executive Director, Dharam Punwani, with its "ASHRAE Fellow Award" at the ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on January 13, 2019. More Information

• International District Energy Association (IDEA) Conference, "Campus Energy 2019" in New Orleans, LA on February 26 - March 1 More Information

• Midwest Cogeneration Association (MCA) Conference in Chicago, IL on February 19, 2019: “Energy Policy and the Case for Combined Heat & Power.” More Information

• TICA Electes Officers and Directors for 2019-2020 and Offers Complimentary Membersship to Gas Turbine Users Through June 30, 2019. More Information

• TICA Invites Nominations for Turbine Inlet Cooling Awards
TICA invites nominations for the Turbine Inlet Cooling Awards it plans to give at the annual conference for the Western Users Group on March 17-20, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. More Information

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