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TICA Resource Guide: Company Profiles

Company Name: Danfoss

11655 Crossroads Circle

City, State, Code, Country: Baltimore, Maryland 21220 U.S.A.
Contact Name, Title: Rob Pugh, North American Product Specialist
Telephone: 1 (813) 503 4334
Corporate TIC Capabilities, Products, or Services: Danfoss H-P Systems offers the Nessie® Water Hydraulics product line, covering high temperature/pressure and proportional water valves and the most advanced Technical Water pump in the market. The PAH series of “positive-displacement” Technical Water Pumps are completely manufactured out of 316SS (also Duplex and Super Duplex SS) and are offered in displacements up to 43USGPM and pressures to 2000PSI. Our pumps are direct-coupled providing a minimal footprint and can be 40% more efficient than existing pumps. The PAH pump is an axial-piston design, requiring no pulsation dampening and NO lubrication. They are employed in water-wash, power-augmentation and water-injection systems for Gas Turbines.


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