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TICA Resource Guide: Company Profiles

Company Name: Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co. Ltd.
Address: 88 Xili Road, Ligang Town
City, State, Code, Country: Jiangyin, Jiangsu 214444 CHN
Contact Name, Title:

Zheng Ren, G.M. of International Division

Telephone: 86-510-86632086
Facsimile: 86-510-86634678
Corporate TIC Capabilities, Products, or Services: Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co., Ltd (SEES) is the core enterprise of Shuangliang Group. It is committed to providing technologies that save energy and protect the environmental protection. Through more than 30 years’ development and innovation, it has become a professional supplier of energy-saving, water saving and new energy system integration, including LiBr absorption chiller/heater, industrial waste heat recovery system, centralized heating system, CCHP system, TIAC system, flue gas condensation heat recovery system, high-efficient heat-exchanging equipment, air-cooled condenser system, zero discharge system of industrial salty wastewater, industrial/municipal wastewater treatment system, seawater desalination system, etc. Shuangliang has provided tailor-made solutions for nearly 300 enterprises of Fortune Global 500.

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